Sectional Planes


Nebulizer shows an abstract, cloud-like, three-dimensional body created by assembling glass strips with different black and white surfaces and lines. This glass cuboid is connected to a steel substructure by a converted rotary indexing table from automation technology.
The ambiguous, experimental object interweaves the two-dimensional with the three-dimensional, hardware with software, art with industry and physicality with virtuality.

Measurements: (LxWxH) ~ 67 x 67 x 183 cm
Materials / Techniques: float glass, lasercut aluminium, steel, laminated safety glass, industrial turntable, gearmotor, industrial hall luminaire, traditional glass painting, sand blasting
Year: 2023

nebulizer detail glass strips nebulizer front view nebulizer detail construction nebulizer with light nebulizer workshop nebulizer 3D model