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Public Anamorphic Installation

Cone Eye II

The anamorphic sculpture shows a black and white photograph of an eye placed on the inner surface of a cone. Based on the piece Cone Eye I from 2019, it was reproduced on a larger scale to be hung in the glass superstructure of an underground car park entrance. The object is thus placed in a dry, illuminated and accessible display case in the centre of Innsbruck without occupying urban space used for other purposes.

However, Cone Eye is not primarily intended to raise questions about the use of public space. In a way, the installation reverses the process of viewing: The gaze is thrown back at the person looking; at this moment, they themselves become part of the installation. In this way, Cone Eye condenses something that is inherent in every artistic work: to a certain extent, art only becomes complete when it is perceived and thought. The work of art is thus inextricably intertwined with its counterpart; it is essentially relational.

Thank you: Myriam Kraml, Philipp Jeller, Stefanie Kirschner
Year: 2020
Dimensions: ~ 1 x 1 x 3 m.
Materials: rolled up transparent plastic foil, digitally printed adhesive film, wooden panels, threaded rods

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