Animated Music Video

5K HD - Ice Bird

Ice Bird is a music video for the Austrian band 5K HD, which is a collaboration between singer and guitarist Mira Lu Kovacs and the band Kompost 3. The project was realized in collaboration with the illustrator, master tailor and textile artist Myriam Kraml.

The animated film tells the story of a kingfisher (directly translated from German: ice bird) and a fish. What begins with a hunt becomes a game of metamorphosis in which the heterogeneous identities of the two creatures completely dissolve into each other and recombine.

The video can be interpreted as an entangled story of relationships that not only addresses the themes of connection and disconnection, it is also a film that points to the diversity of possible modes of relationships.

Year: 2018
Participants: 5K HD, Myriam Kraml