Iridescent Installation


LudoModuL is a sculptural project that takes up functional principles of structural and iridescent colors. On each pole of the sphere with 1.6m diameter is a glass disc that contains an iridescent figure. It is made with a specialized technique to mechanically create structural colors which can for instance also be seen on butterfly wings. Inspired by these colors the glass disc is surrounded by 384 identically varnished lasercut wooden boxes that are held together by acrylic glass elements, CNC milled aluminium hinges, screws and ropes. Similarly with structural colors the piece reveals its mimicked iridescent character only when viewed from some distance while it’s mechanical nature is emphasized when watched closely. The title LudoModuL is a palindrome and therefore adapts to the direction of reading similarly as iridescent colors and the sculpture adapt to the perspective of the viewer.
The project was realized for FACTS Bordeaux in collaboration with the scientist Evelyne Fargin from ICMCB institute.

[texte descriptif français]
LudoModuL est une sculpture pouvant s’observer sous différents angles révélant à chaque fois une nouvelle facette de son squelette. Avec l’appui scientifique et technologique de l’ICMCB en collaboration avec Evelyne Fargin, l’artiste explore grâce à ce projet l’iridescence à un niveau macroscopique. Les disques de verre complétant la sculpture seront notamment conçus au laboratoire. Défi artistique et technique, LudoModuL permettra aux visiteurs de se questionner sur les phénomènes optiques artificiels ou observés au sein même de la nature.

Year of Manufacture: 2017
Materials: laser cut and painted hard fibre, CNC milled aluminium hinges, laser cut acrylic, strings, screws

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